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110 Ratchaphakhinai Road,
Phra-sing, Muang Chiangmai,
Chiangmai 50200, Thailand
This beautiful boutique hotel is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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About Us

Bodhi Serene a boutique hotel

Bodhi Serene Hotel is a boutique hotel in Chiang Mai comprises of 38 rooms, 27 deluxe rooms and 6 executive rooms, 4 suites and family suite

The Bodhi Serene is wholly managed by the Serene Group of Hotels that also include the Silom Serene, a Boutique Hotel in Bangkok and the Baan Bayan, an Exclusive Beach Hotel in Hua Hin that was awarded the best architectural design in 2005 by the Association of Siamese Architects (ASA) under the Royal Patronage.

Our Concept

Our Concept:

The Bodhi Serene Hotel derives its name from the Bodhi Tree that grew on the premises. The name Bodhi is a partial translation of the Sinhalese word "Bo-gaha" or tree of wisdom because it was the tree under which the Buddha was enlightened. The Bodhi tree attains great size and age; the leaves, which hang from long, flexible petioles, rustle in the slightest breeze. Hence, a stay at the Bodhi Serene is synonymous to a rare enlightening experience of seclusion from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. We will attempt to shelter you and provide a haven for complete relaxation and total rejuvenation from everyday stress-prone life.

Comprising of only 38 rooms segregated into 27 Deluxe Rooms, 6 Executive Rooms, 4 Suites and a Family Suite. The 4 spacious single bedroom Suites offer privacy and luxury. The Family Suite has 2-bedrooms, which provides exclusivity for discerning clienteles who yearn for a truly personalized service, ambience and oriental charm.



The Bodhi Serene is the latest member of The Serene Group of Hotels and is located in Chiang Mai which is just 1 hour by air from Bangkok. It is located within the old city walls of downtown Chiang Mai surrounded by many ancient temples and is a mere 20 minutes from the airport, the train station as well as the bus terminal. It is also visually and architecturally stunning with an exotic Lanna style influenced by Chinese designs.

The Bodhi Serene Chiang Mai is located close to Tha Pae Gate in the heart of the city of Chiang Mai, is just 10 minutes from the renowned Night Bazaar. It is only 15 minutes away from the airport, train station and bus terminal.

Because We Care

The Bodhi Serene,Chiang Mai is deeply concerned about the environment and the ever pressing issue of on- going de- forestation. Hence, we have adopted the following measures and practices as part of our own efforts to show that we care...

  • All leftovers
  • All non-meat leftovers such as fruits, vegetables and peels are collected andused as organic fertilizers within the hotel.
  • Cooking oils are accumulated and given away to local universities to be used fuel.
  • Empty glass and plastic bottles as well as paper are separated accordingly to individual recycle bins.
  • Using water-saving devices in all our parts of the hotel including our guest rooms.
  • We utilize water-treatment device to maximize the usage of water within the hotel.
  • Energy-saving, in-room keycard system to reduce unnecessary energy waste.
  • Hiring local staff to create job opportunities.
You too can play a part in helping save the environment by turning off all electrical systems whenever you leave your room and re-using your bed linens and towels if possible. In addition, we'll donate a part of our revenue to the Thai Forest Conservation Foundation to help their efforts in preserving the forest. Thank you.
Bodhi Serene Hotel a Boutique Hotel in Bangkok Thailand